About Us

STUDIO PLUS is a venture company that has been established in Dubai in the UAE, which has independently developed a budget oriented HD/SD Triax/Coax adapter for ENG/EFP camera using either HD or SD formats. The Production and Sales & Marketing is in a joint venture with Suns Corporation, Japan.

We are aiming to expand into markets worldwide.

STUDIO PLUS was established by Robinhood, who has approximately 30 years of experience working with broadcasting equipment and made full use of his expertise and outstanding technical capabilities to develop the Camera Triax/Coax Adapter. This product in addition to it being the industry’s first is also Studio Plus’s first product to be launched from amongst its road map of such new industry related products.

The product is comprised of the CA-70HD camera adapter for mounting on cameras and the BU-70HD base unit that receives the video signal. The camera adapter and base unit are connected using a Triax or Coax cable and can transmit uncompressed HD/SD video along with other camera control DC camera power etc in real time, which makes this system using a coaxial cable to transmit HD video a world first.

This product offers overwhelming cost-performance advantages and Robinhood stated that, "We expect the price of the camera adapter and base unit together to be set at 9000 USD. And there are no other systems that can provide this kind of functionality for transmitting HD video without delay, at such a low cost. We are taking the sales approach of targeting cost-conscious academic institutions as well as smaller-scale broadcasting and production companies that cannot afford high-cost video transmission systems."