Triax Camera Adapter

I] Features:

The CA-70HD camera adapter plugs directly into the camera's battery mount (Antom Bauer or V Mount) and allows broadcasters to convert their ENG camera into a studio configuration. The Base station will deliver HD uncompressed 1081-50i high quality digital video signal, camera control signal, return video, Intercom, Tally etc.

Other features include:
  • Return Video (Analogue Low Res.)
  • Return Audio (Analogue)
  • Gen Lock Composite Sync
  • Camera Control (for RCP)
  • Camera set up video (for on screen menu)
  • Intercom (4wire/3wire Two way)
  • Audio In (Analogue)
  • Tally

that are multiplexed into a single triax or coax cable over a distance of 700 ft.


II] System Drawing

Option 1 : With Built In GPI in Monitor

Option 2 : W/O GPI (GPI function can be used through CA-70HD Camera Adapter)

System Drawing - Base Unit

III] Cable Chart

Use the Cable chart to calculate the distance the cable can achieve with use of Triax / Coax Camera Adapter.